Section 60 – Unlimited information

(1) Unlimited information from the register shall be provided upon express request to:

1. courts and public prosecutors’ offices for the purposes of the administration of justice,

2. highest federal and state authorities, but not for the purpose of a procurement procedure,

3. federal and state constitution protection authorities, the Federal Intelligence Service and the military counterintelligence service for the tasks assigned to these authorities,

4. tax authorities for the prosecution of criminal offences and administrative offences falling within their jurisdiction

5. police services performing criminal services for the purpose of preventing and prosecuting criminal offences,

6. competent authorities for the punishment according to Section 30 of the law on administrative offences,

7. authorities competent under Section 81 (10) of the Act against Restraints of Competition to prosecute administrative offences under Section 81 (1) to (3) of the Act against Restraints of Competition,

8. mercy authorities for mercy cases,

9. the Central Office for Financial Transaction Investigations to fulfill its tasks under the Money Laundering Act

(2) he courts, authorities and bodies referred to in (1) shall state in the request the purpose for which the information is required. The information may only be used for this purpose.