Section 56 – Notifications, corrections, blocking notes

(1) Courts and authorities shall notify the register authority of the decisions to be entered under Section 54 and the information to be entered under Section 55.

(2) If a notifying body discovers that the notified information is incorrect, it shall notify the register authority thereof and, to the extent and as soon as they are known, provide the correct information without delay. If the register authority discovers an inaccuracy, it shall request the notifying body to provide the correct information. In both cases, the registration authority shall correct the incorrect entry. The notifying body as well as bodies to whom incorrect information has demonstrably been supplied, shall be informed thereof, unless the information is obviously incorrect. The notifying body shall not be informed if more than ten years have passed since receipt of the notification under (1).

(3) If the corporation concerned conclusively demonstrates that an entry is incorrect, the registration authority shall block the entry as long as neither the correctness nor the incorrectness can be determined. If entries are marked with a blocking note, information on them shall only be provided to the bodies referred to in Section 60 (1) nos. 1, 3 to 5 and the corporation concerned. The information shall refer to the blocking notice. The information may not be processed or used in other cases without the consent of the corporation concerned, except to check the correctness of the entry. In these cases, a request for information will only be referred to the blocking notice.