Section 22 – Limitation on enforcement

(1) A legally binding corporation may no longer be enforced after expiry of the limitation period for enforcement.

(2) The limitation period is

1. 20 years if the court has established a particularly serious case under Section 3 (2)

2. ten years in the other cases.

(3) The limitation period shall begin to run when the decision becomes final.

(4) The limitation period shall be suspended for as long as

1. enforcement cannot be commenced or continued on the basis of a law

2. enforcement is suspended or interrupted,

3. the imposition of a corporate fine or part of a corporate fine is deferred by judicial decision or by way of pardon,

4. payment conditions are eased.

(5) The court may, at the request of the enforcement authority, extend the limitation period once by half of the statutory limitation period before its expiry if the corporation against which a corporate sanction has been imposed or its legal successor relocates its administrative headquarters to a country outside the European Union after the decision has become final and legal or administrative assistance is not granted.